Our history

Our history originated more than one century ago and it is based on people and passion, as every great venture. Eusebio Picco, son of rice farmers, and his wife Marianna moved from Asigliano Vercellese to San Genuario in 1878. read more...

Something special

At Cascina Belvedere we cultivate, transform and pack our rice and other rice products. We have the control of every product from the field to the store, assuring quality and taste in every grain. read more...

Our products

It's prepared with traditional recipes, dosing ingredients of elevated quality and good rice, and obtaining a delicious and healthy dish, which is above all easy and fast to prepare.read more...

Nerone Rice

The Black rice originates from China, but is today cultivated in specific areas of the Po valley in Italy. It is a pleasantly aromatic wholemeal rice that cooks in 40 minutes, releasing a specialaroma somewhere between sandalwood and freshly-cooked bread.read more...

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Respect fot the environment

Preservative and pesticide free, attention to the repopulation of the local fauna and certified organic

Didactic activities at the farm

The project "School at the Farm" was created to allow a direct contact between shool and farming. Gianluca and Massimo, farmers from generations, open the doors of Cascina Belvedere for a wonderful trip to discover the rural environment.